Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random act of kindness

It was about this time last year that I left my previous job before quiting my last job. Being the switchboard operator / records officer it was mostly up to me to stay behind till 5pm on either a Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

On either of these days only about 1/3 of the office staff would be in, and by 3pm only about 4 people out of a staff of 130 would be actually at their desk. One of them being me on the switchboard. It was very frustrating on these days, you went ster crazy and when you actually got a phone call at 4.40pm there was no one there to take the callers enquiry.

So today I did a random act of kindness / stupidity. I phoned my old work number to commiserate with the poor person on the switchboard. It would have been a bonus if KT had pick up, but it was another lady who I had never met before. Anyway we had a nice chat and I wished her my condolences and just to let her know I was once there doing her job and I empathised with her.

As for Pishie, he is still un-named, but I think Fennick is sounding promising, oooo; perhaps I could jazz it up and spell it like "Phennic", mmm one better check it is not a pre-existing word that has a rather unpleasant terminology........................nope, searches just come up with other surnames. I'll sleep on it for a couple of day, after all the fish wont mind ;)

Happy Holidays

Monday, December 22, 2008

Somthing Fishy

I have a new edition to my little family, yep a Siamese fighting fish also known as a Betta. He is un-named as yet, I'm still tossing up between 3 of them, Miso (more Japanese though, but as I am Auntie to another Betta called Wasabi. I just thought it was a cute name too), Fennick ( after the boxer) and Haal (a similar sounding to the Thai word for rice), as the fish originate from the rice paddies in Thailand. For the moment he is getting called Pishie until I make up my mind.

Me thinks, my fish collection could grow ;)

Gandolf has completely ignored the fish, on the other hand Sam is devising ways to eat said fish, I am sure a few reminders from me that "Un-named as yet" is off bounds will soon curb his interest.

Merry Christmas to all you.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Wall

Well I knew it was going to happen, I just didn't think it would happen this early.
I've hit "The Wall" Not that one the runners hit, but the "I'm board out of my skull" one. I've been spending most of my days submerged in Second Life, looking after ABC Island and attending any Building/Scripting class that is on offer.

One thing I have managed to do is recommence some cross stitch work that I started several years ago. It's a big picture so I doubt I'll get it finished this summer. That is OK, crafty people at least have to have one long term project, along with the odd one or four unfinished ones.

The weight loss is going OK, I have managed to rack up a total loss of just over 10kg from when I started. I have been able to see some difference in my face and well fitness level. Alas the tummy bulge will remain for a lot longer.

As for my love life, I would have to sum it up as the motion of banging my head against the same brick wall while sighing. Bang!; sigh; Bang!; sigh;

That's about it really, the rest is classified information.

Is it me or is this post sounding like a astrological forecast.
Aries: This week things happen sooner that you expect, but don't worry for you will be reacquainted with old projects. You weighty problems continues to diminish more slowly than you would like. As for your love life you will be sensing a sense of da'ja vou.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Day

What a morning I've had, frustration, amusement, panic & pleasure.

Today I had to enroll into my first set of units. So I got up early, a little to early perhaps. Someone pointed out my spelling mistake, bit of a biggy too, so that was frustrating. So while on the bus to Uni I gave myself a good talking too.

Unbeknown to me, the bus had actually terminated at Murdoch station, but I remained on the bus, (oops) Thinking that he was all alone the driver, well lets just say, used some colourful language to vent his frustrations at one can only assume another bus driver. I finally got up the nerve to ask "Hey mate, is this bus still in service?" an abrupt "no" was the answer, "Why didn't you get off with the rest of the sheep" he jeered, I calmly replied, "Oh, but I am a goat"
He dropped me off and the next stop, as I stepped off the bus I said 'I hope your day gets better mate" After what felt like a long walk I was soon back on track and arrived at the uni just in the nick of time for my appointment. See sometimes it does pay to leave the house early.

So I am officially enrolled in the course I want, I was unable to get the minor stream of Japanese language study though. (no grate loss) I am instead enrolled in some Internet based subjects dealing with communication and society including politics. I thought this line of study would be very interesting as I'm now not only blogging but as you all know hooked on virtual reality worlds. Even now I am switching between the blog and doing a spot of fishing at Eragon in Second Life. :)

All this before midday too, one can only hope that the afternoon is calm.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Projects

So what am I doing with myself between now and Uni?
Nothing much really ;) Staying up late talking to friends in SL mostly.

There is one project I'm currently undertaking that I would like to share with you.
I am a knitter, I like most people started off by knitting scarves, now I've graduated on to complex designs on jumpers. See pictures....

These have been knitted into the jumpers, not sewn in afterwards.
I have two others but sadly have no pictures of them, I'm kind of half way through knitting one with Dalmatians, (now that I have lost weight, I may fit into the jumper, thus incentive to pick it back up this winter)
So over the next few months or so, I'll be knitting another jumper for a friend of a friend. I am looking forward to undertaking the project. Needless to say I'll give you pictorial updates.
See you in SL

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week in Review

Hello dedicated readers, for I know there are at least 2 of you. (Yes I am referring to you my fairy floss friend) :)

As for the Uni stuff, well I've obviously accepted the placement, now it is just a waiting game to the enrolment / orientation week next year. I had a bit of a panic attack, you know like "oh my, what have I done!" but I assume this is a natural process to go through.

Now as for the diet, I have regained some hope, I tell you what being crook sure helps with weight loss. I brought a subway sub for my tea, but did not get around to eating it about 2 hours later. I think that was my undoing, so for the next few days I had set up camp in the lav. I'm not a big liker of taking artificial medication and will only take panadaol if I'm desperate. So I was hoping this little incident would run it's course (no pun intended), but I'm now entering my 3rd day. Me thinks I should pop up the hill to the chemist. So I technically lost 2.8k this week, all what I put on last week and a fare bit more.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Diet Blues

I was hoping this diet would be different, it felt different. My last ditched attempt to loose weight before I hit the middle age spread and all hope is lost.

Alas yes I have suffered a bit of a set back, I thought being home most of the time would work for me, you know I could jump on the treadmill whenever I like (which I have been doing, most times twice a day for a 1/2 hour or so) But unfortunately the fridge is also located very conveniently too. It has only just accrued to me why I may be suffering more asthmatic symptoms, because over the last few days I've been inhaling nothing but air :) Fingers crossed once I get some more what I call "instant lung" into me I may feel like staying on the treddy for longer. But I doubt it, as I think what I'm going through is more of a mind game.

I don't know if other dieter's do it, but I've got a picture of my goal object sitting on the treadmill to inspire me and I'm thinking of extending this out on the door facing the machine. Previous diets I've even made a calendar up and gave myself gold stars for any good days I had.

However at this point in time, I'm thinking that my body is against me, "it was not meant to be average" Not that I want to be average, I still would like to have a little bit of the "cuddle factor" about me.

I had my mum over to stay for a couple of days, which was nice. As she didn't notice I had lost the weight, I kept the diet a secret, 1. to surprise her and more importantly 2. Not to get her hopes up and perhaps even 3. So she wouldn't "mother me" about it. During her stay I got her to take my photo so I could show some SL friends what I looked liked. While I was electronically cropping the picture, mum suggested I may want to crop it a bit higher as I look 9 months pregnant. Ouch that hurt, true, but it still hurt. On two accounts, 1. that she can not be content with my current size, and I feel 2. I still have not lost the weight, found a man and produced her several grandchildren yet. P.S The man in my life would be nice along with the weight loos, but I only want furry children. I know she is only doing it because she loves me and wants to see me happy with my lot in life. I am happy, I'm just impatient that's all.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Night Owl

Well here it is 2.30am again.

Over the last few days I've become a bit of a night owl, not because of choice mind you. I've been forced to do most of my Internet browsing, emailing, blogging and stuff in the middle of the night. You see I kind of used up my ISP quota. So from 8am to Midnight I'm limping through on 64k speed, but still have glorious broadband speeds from Midnight to 8am.

The only one major downside is that my Second Life life has become restricted. :( x 1000 It has also put a major dent in the way I communicate inworld.

Hoot Hoot......Haaaarrrrroooooooooowwwww (sorry full moon out tonight)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiger Temple

I got an email today, no doubt it is doing the rounds, so there is a good chance you have received it too.

Apparently there is a tiger temple in Thailand were you can as pictured pat the rather relaxed tigers. I now have a reason to travel!

This little tiger rolls onto her back awaiting the first tourist of the day.

Oh and the Uni thing, it was a g-gl-glitch in the system, they are resending me another letter!


Have you ever experience a high followed by a crushing low. I did this afternoon.

Yay! the official paper work from Uni arrived
OMGWTF! They have enrolled me into the wrong course!
I don't want to be an accountant, I want to be a librarian!

As it was to late today to phone them, I'll be ringing first thing in the morning.

I will of course let you know how it goes.
grumble grumble

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Animals, I like them

The other day in Second Life (SL) I was talking to my good friend about how animals can be spirit guides in real life (RL). Despite me trapesing around in SL as a tiger or dragon, neither of these are my guides, I in fact feel I have no spirit guide. Nor am I one of these people who get pleasure from running around in a fur suit in RL, which there is nothing wrong with that, I consider some of these people to be friends too, for that is what they are foremost people.

I suppose the reason why I chose and feel comfortable in a SL tiger suit is because I agree with animal rights, some of you may remember my spider rescuing efforts. Who was I to decree that the spider must die. Also in a similar theme, if someone goes swimming in water where they know sharks or crocks live and the get themselves bitten, well I feel that it was their own bloody fault for going into that animals territory. Some people say that we have the higher intelligence ( don't get me started on that subject, because honestly I don't think we do), so thus if we have a higher intelligence, why are we going into there turf, and then blaming the shark for attacking what he properly thought was a yummy seal served on a nice long platter.

Any who I've kind off gotten away from the subject I actually wanted to share with you. One nifty skill I would love to have is the ability to talk to animals. I have had this desire from when I was a child, and it has not left me now that I'm an adult. There is only so much you can read from an animals body language, but just to understand what the animal actually want or to find out how much discomfort they are in.

So why did I choose a tiger, well honestly in RL I have taken on some cat like trates, whether it's curling up in a ball to have a nap, I've now even started to mimic cat howls, mrr's or cries to convey my emotions (only in private). I openly talk to my cats with meows and mrr's. One night I even found myself pretending to wash my invisible cat ears, I found it rather de-istressing actually. Even now I would love to talk to Gandalf as he sits here licking himself again, to the point of where his tummy is pink raw. I've been to the vet numerous time about this, we are still undecided whether it is a grass allergies or a left over neurotic habit from when he may have been suffering from anxieties when he first moved in. At one stage he was on a version of Kitty Prosaic, but that only help for a short time.

Hope you enjoyed the ride into my mind.

P.S I lost 1.4kg this week

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free, free I tells you

Yip it was my last day at work!
It was a nice day, they gave me a morning tea despite my many "hint dropping" that I didn't want one. Most people had taken the time to sign a farewell card too.

For lunch I just had a quite one with a colleague / friend. On the way back to the office I popped into "my local".....no not a pub, but a Subway restaurant. Because over time I had got to know the boys there ( nothing wrong with a "feel good" flirt ) hee hee. Anyway today it finally payed off! As my farewell present I got some free cookies! Also my second mummy, gave me a card and a scratchy, ( I won $5 ) What a day ;)

My departing message was "So long and thanks for all the fish". I will surly miss the people there, but not the work. :) In my short 10 months working there, I learnt heaps, about work situations and about myself. I have made lasting friendships, and I think that is the most important thing to take away from any experience.

I laughed, I cried & I left like a greyhound chasing a stuffed wabbit.
Katisha - born fee

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keeping things in balance

I'm happy to report that I lost 1kg this week, which I think is not to shabby. I could have perhaps lost a bit more, but ones still has to live life. mmmm which brings me to my next comment.

On Friday I caught up with a friend for lunch. Being on the diet I went for the "healthy option" and got a Thai salad. Boy was I in for a surprise the thing was drenched in a mayonnaise type dressing, mental note for next time "ask for less dressing"! Otherwise what is the point of having a salad. And of course I had my one drinky drink on Friday night.

So next time you find yourself in a supermarket pick up a 1kg packet of rice or whatever and carry that around for a bit, I'm sure when you put it down you will notice a difference. I'll let you know when I've lost 10kg so you can carry 2 bags of spuds around.

btw.....2 more days to go!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something Mew

This antidote involved my two cats Sam & Gandalf

Sam is what I call the talky one, after all his middle name is Gerald, after both Jerry Springer and Sienfield. Why? Because like them Sam talks about nothing. Any who I digress. It has only been the last few weeks that Gandalf has found his voice, up until then he was more of are "meerrrr" than a "Merrough" (us cat people know the difference). I thought it was sweet that Sam must have been tutoring Gandalf throughout the day. How on the ball I was!

For this morning Gandalf having successfully completed his mewing lesions moved on the the advanced class of "how to wake Katisha". I was greeted with bleating Merrough's combined with the jump on the bed and bounding off again action. It took me a half a minute to comprehend that my alarm clock this morning was sounding rather different. So up I got and plodded into the kitchen to attend to my duties (feed cats) and there was Sam sitting on the sideboard, if I didn't know any better I'm sure he was giving Gandalf marks out of 10 for his completed assignment.

In a way I'm looking forward to seeing who wakes me up tomorrow. ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm in da money

Congratulations to me!

I won all of $13.20 in the office Melbourne Cup sweep!
Not even enough money to pay for my Melbourne Cup lunch :P
Now I need a nap, I had 2 small glasses of shampers and it has gone straight to my head.

Work, what work?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Lost during the last week 1.8kg, if found please do not return to owner. :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Strange but true - A new spin on the story Peter Pan

Without giving to much away, my second life has turned into a fairy tail. In particular the one called Peter Pan. We have most of the main characters, (except for John and Micheal) we have a location (going under a diffrent name though). We even have Mrs Captian Hook, as she tries to make trouble for Mr Pan and the lost boys.

The Envelope

As most of you will be aware I am of to Uni next year. Today I had lunch with my parents, halfway through the meal I was presented with an envelope. On the front was written "do not open to mid 2009" Allthough I am very curious to know what the card says, I will not open it, despite what other people think I should do. My only concern is that I may forget about it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Back to normality....

Ok I had my rant and rave. My afteroon did get better and I ended the working day feeling Ok about things. Thankyou to my mum and my friendly blogging friends who cheered me up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

To F**king nice

Well here it is, not even 4 hours from my last post, and I've been so nice enough to extend my leave date by another 2 days! Granted they are letting me have 2 days off in batween. So that is nice.

Oh well, I've made my bed, I better lie in it.......mmmmm that would be nice to curl up in my bed and just sit the next dance out.

Still thinking very positive though, "I am learning from this" and more importantly I'm doing it without touching a drop of alchole! Old Kat would have hit the bottle and hit it hard by now. Don't get me wrong it would be very temping, but I know I'll be a better person if I don't crawl into the bottle again.

Telling you how it is

Being too nice

For some years I've been told I'm just too nice. I did not understand what they meant, it has only been in the last year that I started to grasp the concept and in the last week or two that I've discovered why I do it, and the negative side affects of being "to nice". The question is now that I know about this, should I stop being too nice, or how can I stop being too nice, or all in all is it that bad being to0 nice.

I believe I'll continue this conversation latter, as I've been "too nice" and agreed to extend my work days well over my resignation date.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Woo Hoo

I'll keep it short and sweet (much like me)

I've been accepted into UNI!!!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Time Warp

I'm doing a time warp on two levels. Firstly daylight savings kicked in last night, so technically I got to sleep in an extra hour. (woohooo)

This is the last year of our 3 year trial, we will have yet another referendum on the subject mid next year. Honestly I don't know why they are going to ask us, it seams that every time we have one of these things they just do the opposite, be it daylight savings or extended trading hours. This little munchkin will be saying no more to daylight savings in WA. The only good reason to have it would be so I want get harassed so early by Sam (the cat) demanding breakfast.

My second time warp shift is to change my weigh in day to Sunday, for a couple of reasons, Sundays I'm less rushed, and then I can mooch into Fremantle and have sushi. (yum yum)
I lost a respectable 800g over the last 6 days. Not to shabby, they say your body goes into shock and is more stubborn to give you fat away, something to do with going into "survival mode" Your body thinks that you have now landed yourself onto the set of an extremely over dun TV show. That is why they say starvation diets don't work.

BEWARE healthy food may not necessarily help you loose weight! The suspects in question are rice cakes, they are better for you than a packet of crisps for sure, but rice will bloat you. Which brings me onto another quote to finish on.....Everything in moderation, including moderation.

ttfn Katisha

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Some Kat"

Yesterday I rescued my 2nd spider from a work office. While all the other ladies are squirming and squealing, it's Katisha to the rescue!

Yesterday's incident was a simple rescue, the spider was no bigger then my thumb nail and was hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the room. The most difficult bit was trying to find a container to catch it in. Once secured in the box, I took it outside and deposited my arachnid friend on a nearby tree.

The fist spider I dealt with was a much bigger beasty ( about the size of my palm ) Not only did this rescue require a box but a step ladder to reach him on, as the bugger had relocated to the ceiling while we were trying to find a container. I was not involved with the release of this creature, as someone had summoned security to undertake the capture. On my way out of the building with my prized catch I met the security guy, it was him who escorted this intruder out of the building. I can only hope he did the right thing by releasing "Cyril Herbert the spider" (I just had to name him) into the near by park.

I felt quite chuffed with both of my rescues. They saying must be true then. You can take the girl out of the country, but not the country out of the girl.

Spiderkat, Spiderkat, does whatever a spiderkat can

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Week that was

Yip I know a whole week without a post, don't worry you didn't miss anything exciting in my life.

As you may be aware this was my first week back on the diet treadmill, I am pleased to say that I lost a respectable 2.8kg, not to shabby for the first 7 days. I like doing spring/summer diets not only because of the salads but I can at lest get the standard 8 glasses of water in. Unfortunately cups of coffee do not count as water intake :( I've also managed so far to stay away from the fizzy drinks!

However the surprise of the week happened on Friday night. Being a Friday I usually partake in the consumption of about 3 pints of the amber fluid and be what I call "nicely done", not wanting to tempt myself into drinking to much, I purchased a meer 2 stubbies. Now hear's the scary bit, I was struggling to knock off one bottle, and didn't feel like the other one. (Which is still sitting in the fridge as I type) Hold me I'm frightened!

While the good times last I'll enjoy the ride, but diets are a lot like roller coasters I think.

byeeeee from one ever so slightly skinnier Katisha

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Going Public, but not all the way

Yep it's Monday, and what does that mean? The start of another week, well yes it is, but it also starts the mark of yet another diet. This one is different I'm going public, it's one thing to start a diet and not tell anyone, but another to make it public.

Oprah did say that you have to "own the number" and that I will, but she did not say that you have to publicise it either. Lets just say I'm a gal who could afford to loose a kilo or forty. I've done it all before (lost the weight), I wont go into the details now, but leave it for future posts.

So each Monday (starting from the 20th) I'll give you an update on my "lost amount" along with any other quips I can think of - any moral support will be gratefully accepted. I know the theory, it's just the putting into practise bit I have trouble with.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Current state of mind

My current state of mind can be summed up in the following dot points.
  • The first 3 minutes of "Four Weddings and a funeral" dialogue
  • Aaaaaauuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhh
  • SIGH
  • Assumes featal position and sucks thumb

Don't worry about me, it was my own fault and I never learn.


Monday, October 6, 2008

It was about two months ago that I got my palm read. I’m not a true believer, more curious if anything. I only went in to get some direction on my work situation. She said I would be there for another year or so, I didn’t like that answer so I took matters into my own hands and quit my job.

Other things she noted were right on the ball, like picking that I had an operation within the last year and that I’m a hard worker.

One thing that came out from this encounter that I felt would never occur would be the introduction of a new canine member to my family. The only thing I could think of was “I don’t particularly want a dog.”

Don't get me wrong, I do like the beasts, it's just that I don't have the time to commit to a fleabag plus I already having two cats.

Thinking nothing more of it, I went on with my life. So guess what I got on the weekend. Yep a pooch, but not just any K9, this one is house trained and more importantly has an off button!

I had actually been thinking about purchasing one for a few months, but could not find any in the shops, or I was lacking the funds to purchase him.

When telling my colleagues at work what I had purchased, it was pointed out that the palm reading lady said I would get a dog. So that must have been the vibes she was picking up. Let’s hope the man of my dreams she said I would eventually meet in about a year’s time will not turn out the same way. ;)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The week that was

Well, It's been a whole week and I have not put one post in.
This one is just to let you know I'm still alive and continuing to kick butt.

Is it possible to hit a mid life crisses before you hit mid life?

and my favourate quote at the moment is...
"I live in my own little world, but that is ok....they know me here"

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's show time

The Perth show is on this week, I'm not going for a multiple of reasons, the expense, I'm not good with large crowds and it's just not how I remember them. Even if I did go I tend to stick around the "traditional show" aspects, crafts, produce and the animals, especially the dogs, cats and goats.

Even by today's standards I think the quality of a goat has dropped. I speak from experience here. As I child I would attend about 8 local shows a year with out goats. Even back then I stayed clear of the rides and become a shrewed show bag shopper.

My all time favourite part of the show was when I got to parade a goat around for the judges to look at. All us human kids would handle a goad kid, walking it around in circles and lining up when we were told. I got a few ribbons too, but as I got older I stopped receiving them. It wasn't that I was getting worse I was just growing up and not the cutest human kid anymore.

We showed our goats for about 7 years. We did quite well for ourselves, even got Champion Buck in all of Victoria, and made the local rag. (see picture below)

To let you on a little secret, to get you goat whiter than white, wash 'em in White King. You would never see that on the tellly advert would you! "Ladies it gets stains out of your white clothes and your goat". I have kept the ribbons we won. One day I'm going to use them for a fancy dress party. I can just see me now parading around in a sash with "Champion Doe" printed on it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We are Geelong, the greatest team of all!

Well it's the eve of another AFL (Australian Rules Football League) grand final, and I am one happy camper. My team has made the final again. We did quite well last year, I'll just pretend the other finals we made were a bad nightmare.

ENTERS "Way back Machine"
The year, I don't remember but it was Geelong v West Coast. Being more fun, I watched it in the company of my parents, it was not until half way through the second quarter that it dawned on me. My parents were barracking for the other side!! I would have disowned them that instant but I needed a lift home.

Since that dark day, I have forgiven my parents and we now have a good hearted football banter. I was such a loving daughter that I even brought him a West Coast Eagles Membership.

So for tomorrow
GO the CATS!
I predict by 23 points

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Isn't it nice to come home to friends

Just a short post tonight.
After having a rather crappy day at work, it was nice to come home to hang out with my friends in Second Life.
Thanks for the fantasitc evening guys
Wuv Katisha

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Father Dear

Could not resist posting this one...

My parents have just begun another camping holiday. Men being men, Dad insisted on packing the caravan himself. Here is a short list of some of the things he packed.
  • 2kg of flower and suger - Just incase mum wanted to make scones. (bit of a hint hey)
  • 3 brooms, yes that right 3 - Did I forget to mention they are only away for 6 weeks.
  • Rechargabe bateries for the camera - Only one slight problem, he forgot to pack the camera.

Just had to share


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well here I am

Hello there

After some deliberation I've decided to put my ramblings into a more formalised format. One hopes this should alleviate the clutter from my brain.

So what can you expect to read on this page! Um......well.....mmmm.....honestly I have no idea! (Yet)

I am hoping to enter Uni next year as a very very mature aged student. I'll be doing a undergrad in Librarian and Corporate Management and minoring in Japanese language. So don't be surprised if start to type in ひらがな every so often. I'll most likely to use this forum as a "Diary of a very very mature aged student" Letting you know about my highs and lows. You too can track my progress and note when I finally loose the plot and start to ramble "I'm a fish, I'm a fish"

The two loves of my life are pictured here, needless to say you will also hear allot more about these handsome boys. The gray one is named Gandalf, I got him from the cat haven about a year and a half ago. The ginger one is Sam, he was a kitten when I got him, we have had nearly on 9 wonderful years together.

Well that is all for now, thanks for popping by
Stay Slinky