Sunday, October 12, 2008

Going Public, but not all the way

Yep it's Monday, and what does that mean? The start of another week, well yes it is, but it also starts the mark of yet another diet. This one is different I'm going public, it's one thing to start a diet and not tell anyone, but another to make it public.

Oprah did say that you have to "own the number" and that I will, but she did not say that you have to publicise it either. Lets just say I'm a gal who could afford to loose a kilo or forty. I've done it all before (lost the weight), I wont go into the details now, but leave it for future posts.

So each Monday (starting from the 20th) I'll give you an update on my "lost amount" along with any other quips I can think of - any moral support will be gratefully accepted. I know the theory, it's just the putting into practise bit I have trouble with.

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