Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week in Review

Hello dedicated readers, for I know there are at least 2 of you. (Yes I am referring to you my fairy floss friend) :)

As for the Uni stuff, well I've obviously accepted the placement, now it is just a waiting game to the enrolment / orientation week next year. I had a bit of a panic attack, you know like "oh my, what have I done!" but I assume this is a natural process to go through.

Now as for the diet, I have regained some hope, I tell you what being crook sure helps with weight loss. I brought a subway sub for my tea, but did not get around to eating it about 2 hours later. I think that was my undoing, so for the next few days I had set up camp in the lav. I'm not a big liker of taking artificial medication and will only take panadaol if I'm desperate. So I was hoping this little incident would run it's course (no pun intended), but I'm now entering my 3rd day. Me thinks I should pop up the hill to the chemist. So I technically lost 2.8k this week, all what I put on last week and a fare bit more.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Diet Blues

I was hoping this diet would be different, it felt different. My last ditched attempt to loose weight before I hit the middle age spread and all hope is lost.

Alas yes I have suffered a bit of a set back, I thought being home most of the time would work for me, you know I could jump on the treadmill whenever I like (which I have been doing, most times twice a day for a 1/2 hour or so) But unfortunately the fridge is also located very conveniently too. It has only just accrued to me why I may be suffering more asthmatic symptoms, because over the last few days I've been inhaling nothing but air :) Fingers crossed once I get some more what I call "instant lung" into me I may feel like staying on the treddy for longer. But I doubt it, as I think what I'm going through is more of a mind game.

I don't know if other dieter's do it, but I've got a picture of my goal object sitting on the treadmill to inspire me and I'm thinking of extending this out on the door facing the machine. Previous diets I've even made a calendar up and gave myself gold stars for any good days I had.

However at this point in time, I'm thinking that my body is against me, "it was not meant to be average" Not that I want to be average, I still would like to have a little bit of the "cuddle factor" about me.

I had my mum over to stay for a couple of days, which was nice. As she didn't notice I had lost the weight, I kept the diet a secret, 1. to surprise her and more importantly 2. Not to get her hopes up and perhaps even 3. So she wouldn't "mother me" about it. During her stay I got her to take my photo so I could show some SL friends what I looked liked. While I was electronically cropping the picture, mum suggested I may want to crop it a bit higher as I look 9 months pregnant. Ouch that hurt, true, but it still hurt. On two accounts, 1. that she can not be content with my current size, and I feel 2. I still have not lost the weight, found a man and produced her several grandchildren yet. P.S The man in my life would be nice along with the weight loos, but I only want furry children. I know she is only doing it because she loves me and wants to see me happy with my lot in life. I am happy, I'm just impatient that's all.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Night Owl

Well here it is 2.30am again.

Over the last few days I've become a bit of a night owl, not because of choice mind you. I've been forced to do most of my Internet browsing, emailing, blogging and stuff in the middle of the night. You see I kind of used up my ISP quota. So from 8am to Midnight I'm limping through on 64k speed, but still have glorious broadband speeds from Midnight to 8am.

The only one major downside is that my Second Life life has become restricted. :( x 1000 It has also put a major dent in the way I communicate inworld.

Hoot Hoot......Haaaarrrrroooooooooowwwww (sorry full moon out tonight)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiger Temple

I got an email today, no doubt it is doing the rounds, so there is a good chance you have received it too.

Apparently there is a tiger temple in Thailand were you can as pictured pat the rather relaxed tigers. I now have a reason to travel!

This little tiger rolls onto her back awaiting the first tourist of the day.

Oh and the Uni thing, it was a g-gl-glitch in the system, they are resending me another letter!


Have you ever experience a high followed by a crushing low. I did this afternoon.

Yay! the official paper work from Uni arrived
OMGWTF! They have enrolled me into the wrong course!
I don't want to be an accountant, I want to be a librarian!

As it was to late today to phone them, I'll be ringing first thing in the morning.

I will of course let you know how it goes.
grumble grumble

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Animals, I like them

The other day in Second Life (SL) I was talking to my good friend about how animals can be spirit guides in real life (RL). Despite me trapesing around in SL as a tiger or dragon, neither of these are my guides, I in fact feel I have no spirit guide. Nor am I one of these people who get pleasure from running around in a fur suit in RL, which there is nothing wrong with that, I consider some of these people to be friends too, for that is what they are foremost people.

I suppose the reason why I chose and feel comfortable in a SL tiger suit is because I agree with animal rights, some of you may remember my spider rescuing efforts. Who was I to decree that the spider must die. Also in a similar theme, if someone goes swimming in water where they know sharks or crocks live and the get themselves bitten, well I feel that it was their own bloody fault for going into that animals territory. Some people say that we have the higher intelligence ( don't get me started on that subject, because honestly I don't think we do), so thus if we have a higher intelligence, why are we going into there turf, and then blaming the shark for attacking what he properly thought was a yummy seal served on a nice long platter.

Any who I've kind off gotten away from the subject I actually wanted to share with you. One nifty skill I would love to have is the ability to talk to animals. I have had this desire from when I was a child, and it has not left me now that I'm an adult. There is only so much you can read from an animals body language, but just to understand what the animal actually want or to find out how much discomfort they are in.

So why did I choose a tiger, well honestly in RL I have taken on some cat like trates, whether it's curling up in a ball to have a nap, I've now even started to mimic cat howls, mrr's or cries to convey my emotions (only in private). I openly talk to my cats with meows and mrr's. One night I even found myself pretending to wash my invisible cat ears, I found it rather de-istressing actually. Even now I would love to talk to Gandalf as he sits here licking himself again, to the point of where his tummy is pink raw. I've been to the vet numerous time about this, we are still undecided whether it is a grass allergies or a left over neurotic habit from when he may have been suffering from anxieties when he first moved in. At one stage he was on a version of Kitty Prosaic, but that only help for a short time.

Hope you enjoyed the ride into my mind.

P.S I lost 1.4kg this week

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free, free I tells you

Yip it was my last day at work!
It was a nice day, they gave me a morning tea despite my many "hint dropping" that I didn't want one. Most people had taken the time to sign a farewell card too.

For lunch I just had a quite one with a colleague / friend. On the way back to the office I popped into "my local" not a pub, but a Subway restaurant. Because over time I had got to know the boys there ( nothing wrong with a "feel good" flirt ) hee hee. Anyway today it finally payed off! As my farewell present I got some free cookies! Also my second mummy, gave me a card and a scratchy, ( I won $5 ) What a day ;)

My departing message was "So long and thanks for all the fish". I will surly miss the people there, but not the work. :) In my short 10 months working there, I learnt heaps, about work situations and about myself. I have made lasting friendships, and I think that is the most important thing to take away from any experience.

I laughed, I cried & I left like a greyhound chasing a stuffed wabbit.
Katisha - born fee

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keeping things in balance

I'm happy to report that I lost 1kg this week, which I think is not to shabby. I could have perhaps lost a bit more, but ones still has to live life. mmmm which brings me to my next comment.

On Friday I caught up with a friend for lunch. Being on the diet I went for the "healthy option" and got a Thai salad. Boy was I in for a surprise the thing was drenched in a mayonnaise type dressing, mental note for next time "ask for less dressing"! Otherwise what is the point of having a salad. And of course I had my one drinky drink on Friday night.

So next time you find yourself in a supermarket pick up a 1kg packet of rice or whatever and carry that around for a bit, I'm sure when you put it down you will notice a difference. I'll let you know when I've lost 10kg so you can carry 2 bags of spuds around.

btw.....2 more days to go!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something Mew

This antidote involved my two cats Sam & Gandalf

Sam is what I call the talky one, after all his middle name is Gerald, after both Jerry Springer and Sienfield. Why? Because like them Sam talks about nothing. Any who I digress. It has only been the last few weeks that Gandalf has found his voice, up until then he was more of are "meerrrr" than a "Merrough" (us cat people know the difference). I thought it was sweet that Sam must have been tutoring Gandalf throughout the day. How on the ball I was!

For this morning Gandalf having successfully completed his mewing lesions moved on the the advanced class of "how to wake Katisha". I was greeted with bleating Merrough's combined with the jump on the bed and bounding off again action. It took me a half a minute to comprehend that my alarm clock this morning was sounding rather different. So up I got and plodded into the kitchen to attend to my duties (feed cats) and there was Sam sitting on the sideboard, if I didn't know any better I'm sure he was giving Gandalf marks out of 10 for his completed assignment.

In a way I'm looking forward to seeing who wakes me up tomorrow. ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm in da money

Congratulations to me!

I won all of $13.20 in the office Melbourne Cup sweep!
Not even enough money to pay for my Melbourne Cup lunch :P
Now I need a nap, I had 2 small glasses of shampers and it has gone straight to my head.

Work, what work?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Lost during the last week 1.8kg, if found please do not return to owner. :)