Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well according to my blog dashboard, this is my 101th post!  YAY for me.

Lets see, what has happened to me this week....I have confirmed that I dislike large mega stores. The last few times I've been in, I've had panic attacks, and have to fight the urge to drop my shopping and leave the building in a disorderly fashion, by shaking, crying and running blindly into windows that I think are automatic doors. What I find strange, it's only a relative new disorder, like in the last 5 years or so.

My dad got his ticker tinkered with, and should be feeling a lot better soon, now we just have to tie him down, get him to stop running around like a man half his age.

One of my fish has / is changing colour. I have a funny suspicion it's due to the lack of vitamin D (sunlight) I moved the tank, now my completely black fish is now 90% gold, except for his fins and bobble eyes.

I was playing a MMOG called Earth Eternal (EE), but it closed down, however I've recently heard that it now has new owners and it should be up and running again. In the mean time I'm playing one called Alien Adoption Agency, it's more of a text based game, not like EE that was 3D. Still it's fun to play and well we all need to have fun, life can not be all work.

Well that's about it, the rest of my week was just mundane stuff.
As my football team is out of the AFL grand final all I can say is....... GO St Kilda!   (but I wont watch the game :P )

Thursday, September 16, 2010

oooo ekk

I'm moving my posting day to early Monday mornings, like 7am early. Fridays have become my hectic day, as that's when assignments are due. As much as I would like to take the time out to blog, I'll be instead running around like a mad chook working on last minute writing / editing and then traipsing over to uni for submission. So now you'll have something to look forward to as you ease yourself into a Monday :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

opppsie, I forgot to blog on Friday

Hi All

We apologise for that break in transmission, we now return you to your normal schedule.

Sorry, I had my mind elsewhere on Friday. I had an essay to write and hand in. Then when I got home, I just wanted to chill out for the rest of the day. Plus there is not much to say really. Uni is uni, I'm still lazy and not getting stuck into my assignments and readings as much as I would like.

I am playing computer games to keep my mind active and fresh, yes that's it. I'm not being lazy, I'm exercising my mind, so when I come to do an essay, my senses are sharp/ :P


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well that week went fast

So much for having the week off to study. I ended up studying computer games and re watching Babylon 5. B5 is a very good sci-fi series from the late 90's. I did get a bit of real study done :P

During the week, I had a nice chat with my brother in MSN, he nearly convinced me to join a dating service. I was telling one of my friends in SL about this. He commented that well there are plenty of fish in the sea, I replied by saying "yer but I want to make sure the bait looks good first"  :)  I'll leave it at that for now, I may think about signing up once I've finished my studies.

This morning I went out for a FIRK's breakfast. It is basically a group of records type people getting together before work to network, catch up on records type news and well news in general. I managed to acquire one business card for possible prac placement for next year. :)  Another thing to come out of the breakfast was that one lady, although a records person, was working in a corporate library as a temp staff, (or something like that), so it made me think, that doing the library aspect of the undergrad is not that stupid or a waste after all.

Ok time to go and hit those computer games books.
take care and happy fathers day for Sunday