Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well that week went fast

So much for having the week off to study. I ended up studying computer games and re watching Babylon 5. B5 is a very good sci-fi series from the late 90's. I did get a bit of real study done :P

During the week, I had a nice chat with my brother in MSN, he nearly convinced me to join a dating service. I was telling one of my friends in SL about this. He commented that well there are plenty of fish in the sea, I replied by saying "yer but I want to make sure the bait looks good first"  :)  I'll leave it at that for now, I may think about signing up once I've finished my studies.

This morning I went out for a FIRK's breakfast. It is basically a group of records type people getting together before work to network, catch up on records type news and well news in general. I managed to acquire one business card for possible prac placement for next year. :)  Another thing to come out of the breakfast was that one lady, although a records person, was working in a corporate library as a temp staff, (or something like that), so it made me think, that doing the library aspect of the undergrad is not that stupid or a waste after all.

Ok time to go and hit those computer games books.
take care and happy fathers day for Sunday

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