Wednesday, January 28, 2009


While surfing the net I came across a recipe I just had to try. It was so easy to prepare and more importantly yummy to eat, I just had to share it with you.

Coffee Jelly ( Jello )
2 cups black coffee ( no sugar )
1 Tbsp gelatin powder ( I satchel )
2 Tbsp sugar

Mix gelatin powder and 4 Tbsp of water in a small cup. Mix coffee, sugar, and the gelatin in a sauce pan. Stir well on low heat until sugar dissolves. Strain the mixture and pour into four cups. Cool them in the refrigerator.

(To be honest I just found using boiling water did just fine instead of using the stove top, and I did not strain the mixture either)

Serving suggestions;
Whipped cream or chocolate moose

If you do happen to make this, let me know what you think.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Uni prep starts

As January draws to a close, I'm starting to crank the Uni gear up a notch. I've figured out what events I'll attend at orientation week and read all the brochures about campus life and how not to plagiarise other peoples or your own work.

I don't know if I've told you yet, but within Second Life I've become involved with the official Curtin Uni site. I have volunteered to take on a active role within the sim. Whether this will involve helping new people to second life settle in or become an ambassador, I honestly don't know. It's early days yet, I do know one thing I'll be apart of the official launch.

Over all I'm looking forward to what lays ahead of me, and have even thought that my direction of becoming an archivist may just change into becoming more involved with virtual worlds and the educational potential that they can achieve.

If it wasn't for Uni I properly would have become more involved with a SL show called "Life Online" It is a magazine/talk show about all aspects of living our lives online, be it second life or simply buying something from ebay. I was at least able to get involved with the program in a small way by being in the opening credits. Here is a link the the official web page where you can view the episodes online.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tooth update

Wow, has it been that long from my last post!

Ok here's what happend, to me (abridge version)
Tooth extracted, need wisdome theeth out too.
It's been bloody hot.
My Second Life is getting better each day, learning new things & have become a kind of founding member of the new Curtin Uni site in world. ( I was the first visitor!) I have agreed to take on a active role within the sim.
Still spending my days like a bum, but slowly winding up for the the Uni year.
Er the less said about the weight thing the better :(

That's it

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Say Cheese

Well I made it to the dentist. I had to get some x-rays done. See below, I'll mooch back there on Friday to proceed with the next step.

Say "Cheese" I've circled the varmint

Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's a right wally then

As some of you know I have a rather sore tooth. My own fault I should have got it seen to years ago. So over this holiday period it decided to give me some jib, and all the dentists had well you guest it, gone on holiday. So finally they came back to work, I was informed by the receptionist to just rock up to the surgery early on any day and I would have to wait to see if I could be fitted in and to bring my Medicare card with me.

So this morning I forgo my sleep in. Do you think I could actually find my Medicare card this morning! I spent half an hour running madly around the house with no luck, but on the positive side I did find some other cards I had misplaced. By now it is to late to make it to the surgery, plus I was just getting to hot and tetchy. Now I have two choice, 1 turn this place upside down or 2. just get a new card, which could take longer.

Who's a right wally then, well that would be me.
3 Hours later
Guess what I found in my purse! minutes after I had acquired a new one.
Katisha Honi, grabs Murphy by the neck and belts him with the found medicare card.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi, been a while since my last blog, so thought I would fill you in on whats been happening in my dull life.

My crissy was nice and relaxing, a bit noisy at times, but that's the way I like it. My new years eve was spent with second life friends.

I have a rather saw tooth, and being the silly season there are no dentists open :(. So between the heat and my tooth I've been lacking a bit in the sleep department, but on the plus side I've nearly finished reading my book. (Terry Pratchett's "Thief of Time")

Some people have been asking me "So are you getting excited about Uni?" my honest answer has been, "Not yet" I don't think that will kick in till early Feb.

As for the fish, I've finally decided on the name "Phenic".

I finally got hold of a Dalek shaped cookie cutter, so once I have made them I'll post a piccy. I just need to purchase a rolling pin now. hee hee.
Go to this link it not only has the picture of the Dalek cutter but others to get your imagination started.......must resist urge to collect cookie cutters. hee hee