Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi, been a while since my last blog, so thought I would fill you in on whats been happening in my dull life.

My crissy was nice and relaxing, a bit noisy at times, but that's the way I like it. My new years eve was spent with second life friends.

I have a rather saw tooth, and being the silly season there are no dentists open :(. So between the heat and my tooth I've been lacking a bit in the sleep department, but on the plus side I've nearly finished reading my book. (Terry Pratchett's "Thief of Time")

Some people have been asking me "So are you getting excited about Uni?" my honest answer has been, "Not yet" I don't think that will kick in till early Feb.

As for the fish, I've finally decided on the name "Phenic".

I finally got hold of a Dalek shaped cookie cutter, so once I have made them I'll post a piccy. I just need to purchase a rolling pin now. hee hee.
Go to this link it not only has the picture of the Dalek cutter but others to get your imagination started.......must resist urge to collect cookie cutters. hee hee



Wolfie! said...

sometimes a plastic bottle full of water will do it, as long as you remove the lable and clean the glue off. a glass bottle would be better.


Katisha Honi said...

yer, I forced myself to drink a large bottle of beer ;)