Monday, January 5, 2009

Who's a right wally then

As some of you know I have a rather sore tooth. My own fault I should have got it seen to years ago. So over this holiday period it decided to give me some jib, and all the dentists had well you guest it, gone on holiday. So finally they came back to work, I was informed by the receptionist to just rock up to the surgery early on any day and I would have to wait to see if I could be fitted in and to bring my Medicare card with me.

So this morning I forgo my sleep in. Do you think I could actually find my Medicare card this morning! I spent half an hour running madly around the house with no luck, but on the positive side I did find some other cards I had misplaced. By now it is to late to make it to the surgery, plus I was just getting to hot and tetchy. Now I have two choice, 1 turn this place upside down or 2. just get a new card, which could take longer.

Who's a right wally then, well that would be me.
3 Hours later
Guess what I found in my purse! minutes after I had acquired a new one.
Katisha Honi, grabs Murphy by the neck and belts him with the found medicare card.

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