Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good Birthday

Similar to the Queen and Jesus, the date of my birth will be celebrated on a diffrent day. As my offical birthdate is in late March, I've changed the celebration date to Good Friday. At first I thought about April Fools Day, but thinking about it a bit more Good Friday seeamed like a better choise for 2 main reasions.
1. people may be less likly to forget the date and 2. The celebration will allway be a day off and a extra long weekend too. So the next person who askes me my birthdate, I will perclaim it's on Good Friday. Except for offical records ofcourse :) .

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1st year bites the dust

Hello All
Well my uni studies are over for this year. YAY for me. The year went well; when I first started they told me that as a mature student to expect to do badly or even fail the first few assignments. But I didn't. :)  By the end of semester I was getting distinctions. This semester I would have got a few more distinctions but I was lazy, and like a sterotypical student I was enjoying my social life to much.

I was meant to be doing two week of work archiving stuff for a mining company, but it looks like it has fallen through :( I'm a bit annoyed, I was intending to have a holiday over east. So now I have two extra weeks of relaxing. My time off will not be all leisure, I have to do a two week practicum placement in a library and then write a report about it. My parents suggest I try and find a job somewhere, but I don't think I'll have much luck. I can only work for a few months (over christmas) plus I don't know when the prac placement will take place. The only good thing about getting work, is that it will proberbly airconditioned :) so it would be cooler than staying at home. I dont't cope to well in summer, if I could move down south I would.

Take care

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