Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random act of kindness

It was about this time last year that I left my previous job before quiting my last job. Being the switchboard operator / records officer it was mostly up to me to stay behind till 5pm on either a Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

On either of these days only about 1/3 of the office staff would be in, and by 3pm only about 4 people out of a staff of 130 would be actually at their desk. One of them being me on the switchboard. It was very frustrating on these days, you went ster crazy and when you actually got a phone call at 4.40pm there was no one there to take the callers enquiry.

So today I did a random act of kindness / stupidity. I phoned my old work number to commiserate with the poor person on the switchboard. It would have been a bonus if KT had pick up, but it was another lady who I had never met before. Anyway we had a nice chat and I wished her my condolences and just to let her know I was once there doing her job and I empathised with her.

As for Pishie, he is still un-named, but I think Fennick is sounding promising, oooo; perhaps I could jazz it up and spell it like "Phennic", mmm one better check it is not a pre-existing word that has a rather unpleasant terminology........................nope, searches just come up with other surnames. I'll sleep on it for a couple of day, after all the fish wont mind ;)

Happy Holidays

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