Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Day

What a morning I've had, frustration, amusement, panic & pleasure.

Today I had to enroll into my first set of units. So I got up early, a little to early perhaps. Someone pointed out my spelling mistake, bit of a biggy too, so that was frustrating. So while on the bus to Uni I gave myself a good talking too.

Unbeknown to me, the bus had actually terminated at Murdoch station, but I remained on the bus, (oops) Thinking that he was all alone the driver, well lets just say, used some colourful language to vent his frustrations at one can only assume another bus driver. I finally got up the nerve to ask "Hey mate, is this bus still in service?" an abrupt "no" was the answer, "Why didn't you get off with the rest of the sheep" he jeered, I calmly replied, "Oh, but I am a goat"
He dropped me off and the next stop, as I stepped off the bus I said 'I hope your day gets better mate" After what felt like a long walk I was soon back on track and arrived at the uni just in the nick of time for my appointment. See sometimes it does pay to leave the house early.

So I am officially enrolled in the course I want, I was unable to get the minor stream of Japanese language study though. (no grate loss) I am instead enrolled in some Internet based subjects dealing with communication and society including politics. I thought this line of study would be very interesting as I'm now not only blogging but as you all know hooked on virtual reality worlds. Even now I am switching between the blog and doing a spot of fishing at Eragon in Second Life. :)

All this before midday too, one can only hope that the afternoon is calm.


scottlo scorbal said...

Wow what a day! It sounds like you are in to some interesting things. I feel so fortunate to have met you at ABC Island the other day.

Thanks again for the chat and the assistance. I enjoyed meeting all of you.

Speaking of Japan, I've been doing a little podcast from Tokyo for a while. Don't delve much into the language, but there is the chance to the occasional odd sound from the city.

I look forward to visiting the Sandbox at ABC Island and bumping in to some more fascinating characters.

Be well.

Katisha Honi said...

Thanks Scottlo.
Yes we are a bunch of characters, and I'm not even the noisyest one.

I had a quick look at your TC podcast. Looks very interesting.

Catch you on the Island some time.