Monday, December 22, 2008

Somthing Fishy

I have a new edition to my little family, yep a Siamese fighting fish also known as a Betta. He is un-named as yet, I'm still tossing up between 3 of them, Miso (more Japanese though, but as I am Auntie to another Betta called Wasabi. I just thought it was a cute name too), Fennick ( after the boxer) and Haal (a similar sounding to the Thai word for rice), as the fish originate from the rice paddies in Thailand. For the moment he is getting called Pishie until I make up my mind.

Me thinks, my fish collection could grow ;)

Gandolf has completely ignored the fish, on the other hand Sam is devising ways to eat said fish, I am sure a few reminders from me that "Un-named as yet" is off bounds will soon curb his interest.

Merry Christmas to all you.


Wolfie! said...

He's very pretty.


Katisha Honi said...

yes he is. Now that he is more at home, I should get some better shots.