Thursday, August 26, 2010

4 weeks down and some more to go

Hi All

Well the end of the 4th week of uni is apone me, technically next week is a holiday; well it's more of a holiday from classes. I still have a lot of homework to do over the next week. I've put a request in for more hours in a day, but despite my friends agreeing with the proposal, it has yet to be acknowledged by any major influences. :P

For my records unit, the lecturer has taken to getting us to discuss topics in small groups, and then report back on our findings to the class. The picture below was my teams contribution. I'll explain it after you have a had a look at it.

Ok, the task was to explain the relationship between, risk (represented by the ghost), how compliance to laws keeps risk managed (the pacman), and how all employees are accountable to comply to the compliance laws (the tie and shirt). To manage / control compliance and accountability is governance, (the game controller).  When presenting our findings, everyone sounded impressed with our visual representation of the question set.  

I kind of think life is to short to be serious all the time :P

Well time to hit those books.

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