Friday, August 20, 2010

3 weeks of uni and all is well

G'day G'day

Well, lets see what has happened to em'wa during the last week.
My weekend was quiet, my parents phoned me up on Monday to say they had a wild weekend at one of there RV clubs, boozing, laughing and well acting like teenagers. It was good to hear, but it made me feel like the parent; in that I was staying home and they were whooping it up :P

The rest of the week, was, well just boring Uni. I'm getting into the swing of things nicely. Considering I"m now officially half way through, I believe I can do it now.

During the week I did get attacked by two cats. (see picture below) Sam is cradled in my left arm and  Gandalf is on my chest. Thankfully I had my right arm free to take the picture (which is rather tricky) and use the TV remote. God knows what it would have been like if I had three cats.

Today I went into he city for the first time in some month. I went to the ABC Shop and spent well.  :P  and I had a nice lunch with my parents.

That's it for this week
Take care

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