Thursday, August 5, 2010

A ta-ter-tate with Kat

Hello, pull up a chair and have a quick cup of coffee while you read on.

Well it was first week back a Uni, this was the 'introduction' week, so us students can ease our way back into things. It was good to catch up with folks too. This semester units are as follows, one on library collection management, one of resource description (cataloguing / indexing) this one is more from a library point of view. The final unit is on Records Management, which as you know, is right up my ally. Mind you, with all that said and done, the thought of becoming a library manager is not as "blaugh" as I use to think it would be.  So yer, I'm feeling good about this semester and what it has install for me.

As for the other bits, outside of Uni, well I had 2 separate colds, and 2 bouts of laryngitis :(

Ok, stay slinky guys, and take it easy

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