Thursday, July 29, 2010

not the best of weeks

Friday again, and look I'm blogging!

Yes, I did get a slight cold, and not the flu. But I do have laryngitis though. I may not be sounding well, but I felt quite cherpy through the week, ok except for Mon and Tue, they were crap.

I was glad to see Adam win the Master Chef title, I would like to buy his book, but honestly how many things would I cook out of it. On a side note, I did buy a second hand Margaret Fulton Cookbook, for Microwave cooking! I'll be attempting some from there over the weekend.

My SL friend has been in hospital this week, he has been giving twitter updates on his condition. Wish I could have gone over to see him, but I spose not the best thing to do, after all I don't want to give him my cold. Speaking of SL, I played my first game of SLOPOLY, yep that's right a SL version of Monopoly. It's still getting quieter in there, which for me could be a good thing, this way I can concentrate on Uni.

Speaking of's starts on Monday. I've been able to look at some of the assignments, as expected some a doozies and some look rather simple. This semester there is one dedicated to Records Management, so hoping to learn heaps. Over the week I've been slowly getting things organised for the weeks ahead.

Well that's it from me, seeya's next week.

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