Tuesday, July 6, 2010

OK allready

It's nice to be wanted, this is for the people who have been nagging me to update my blog.

Well I hope you like the new look, I think a new logo (header) is called for.

Ok, so what has been happening (as usual I'll do it in point format)
  • On holidays from uni, will get my results on July 14, I'll blog the results. I'm looking forward to the next semester, this is because I didn't really get into the last one till about the 3rd last week.
  • My dad had been in hospital, he had a mild heart attack. So he is finally listening to us and not running around like a 40 year old. (he will be 70 in December)
  • As for my love life, well it went cold, we are still friends though :)
  • The cats are doing well. :)  both the furry and football kind
  • I'm still enjoying SL and could get to go into the test server soon
  • Got HP lego game, so playing that a bit, as well as other puter games.
  • Enjoying watching Master Cheff, I hope either Adam or Alvin wins. And no the show has not inspired me to get out the pots and pans to cook up a storm, as that would involve doing the dishes when I've finished.
  • It's bloody cold
  • Been invited to a murder mystry night (western theme) so that should be good for a laugh.
That's all folks

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