Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday again

Well it's Friday again.

This week, mum and dad came over, and they taxi'ed me around to get my computers fixed. YAY. So now I can play "The Sims 3" and access data I've not seen in about 3 years. Needless to say for the rest of the week I played the sims, and had a look at what was on the old computer.

This week I aslo had lunch with the gals. and caught up on office gossip. I've been getting suttle hints from them, they want me back after I've graduated. Which is sweet, but I've not accepted the offer just yet.

I'm starting to show some flu like symptoms, so fingers crossed I don't go down for the count, I blame my partents, they might have shared it with me.

SL is going well, it's a bit quieter than usual, but I'll live. After all it is my main social outlet.

It's the Master Cheff final this week, GO ADAM

The cats are going well, I sure Gandalf is not licking as much now. The fish are going swimmingly (pun fully intended), and I do believe the smaller one has grone into the new tank. 

Well I better go, I need to scamper around to the side of the house to check the model number of the gas hotwater system, and then I'm off to hang out with a uni friend veg out and watch some movies.

Till next week
toodle pip

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