Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Diet Blues

I was hoping this diet would be different, it felt different. My last ditched attempt to loose weight before I hit the middle age spread and all hope is lost.

Alas yes I have suffered a bit of a set back, I thought being home most of the time would work for me, you know I could jump on the treadmill whenever I like (which I have been doing, most times twice a day for a 1/2 hour or so) But unfortunately the fridge is also located very conveniently too. It has only just accrued to me why I may be suffering more asthmatic symptoms, because over the last few days I've been inhaling nothing but air :) Fingers crossed once I get some more what I call "instant lung" into me I may feel like staying on the treddy for longer. But I doubt it, as I think what I'm going through is more of a mind game.

I don't know if other dieter's do it, but I've got a picture of my goal object sitting on the treadmill to inspire me and I'm thinking of extending this out on the door facing the machine. Previous diets I've even made a calendar up and gave myself gold stars for any good days I had.

However at this point in time, I'm thinking that my body is against me, "it was not meant to be average" Not that I want to be average, I still would like to have a little bit of the "cuddle factor" about me.

I had my mum over to stay for a couple of days, which was nice. As she didn't notice I had lost the weight, I kept the diet a secret, 1. to surprise her and more importantly 2. Not to get her hopes up and perhaps even 3. So she wouldn't "mother me" about it. During her stay I got her to take my photo so I could show some SL friends what I looked liked. While I was electronically cropping the picture, mum suggested I may want to crop it a bit higher as I look 9 months pregnant. Ouch that hurt, true, but it still hurt. On two accounts, 1. that she can not be content with my current size, and I feel 2. I still have not lost the weight, found a man and produced her several grandchildren yet. P.S The man in my life would be nice along with the weight loos, but I only want furry children. I know she is only doing it because she loves me and wants to see me happy with my lot in life. I am happy, I'm just impatient that's all.


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