Saturday, November 15, 2008

Animals, I like them

The other day in Second Life (SL) I was talking to my good friend about how animals can be spirit guides in real life (RL). Despite me trapesing around in SL as a tiger or dragon, neither of these are my guides, I in fact feel I have no spirit guide. Nor am I one of these people who get pleasure from running around in a fur suit in RL, which there is nothing wrong with that, I consider some of these people to be friends too, for that is what they are foremost people.

I suppose the reason why I chose and feel comfortable in a SL tiger suit is because I agree with animal rights, some of you may remember my spider rescuing efforts. Who was I to decree that the spider must die. Also in a similar theme, if someone goes swimming in water where they know sharks or crocks live and the get themselves bitten, well I feel that it was their own bloody fault for going into that animals territory. Some people say that we have the higher intelligence ( don't get me started on that subject, because honestly I don't think we do), so thus if we have a higher intelligence, why are we going into there turf, and then blaming the shark for attacking what he properly thought was a yummy seal served on a nice long platter.

Any who I've kind off gotten away from the subject I actually wanted to share with you. One nifty skill I would love to have is the ability to talk to animals. I have had this desire from when I was a child, and it has not left me now that I'm an adult. There is only so much you can read from an animals body language, but just to understand what the animal actually want or to find out how much discomfort they are in.

So why did I choose a tiger, well honestly in RL I have taken on some cat like trates, whether it's curling up in a ball to have a nap, I've now even started to mimic cat howls, mrr's or cries to convey my emotions (only in private). I openly talk to my cats with meows and mrr's. One night I even found myself pretending to wash my invisible cat ears, I found it rather de-istressing actually. Even now I would love to talk to Gandalf as he sits here licking himself again, to the point of where his tummy is pink raw. I've been to the vet numerous time about this, we are still undecided whether it is a grass allergies or a left over neurotic habit from when he may have been suffering from anxieties when he first moved in. At one stage he was on a version of Kitty Prosaic, but that only help for a short time.

Hope you enjoyed the ride into my mind.

P.S I lost 1.4kg this week

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