Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Week that was

Yip I know a whole week without a post, don't worry you didn't miss anything exciting in my life.

As you may be aware this was my first week back on the diet treadmill, I am pleased to say that I lost a respectable 2.8kg, not to shabby for the first 7 days. I like doing spring/summer diets not only because of the salads but I can at lest get the standard 8 glasses of water in. Unfortunately cups of coffee do not count as water intake :( I've also managed so far to stay away from the fizzy drinks!

However the surprise of the week happened on Friday night. Being a Friday I usually partake in the consumption of about 3 pints of the amber fluid and be what I call "nicely done", not wanting to tempt myself into drinking to much, I purchased a meer 2 stubbies. Now hear's the scary bit, I was struggling to knock off one bottle, and didn't feel like the other one. (Which is still sitting in the fridge as I type) Hold me I'm frightened!

While the good times last I'll enjoy the ride, but diets are a lot like roller coasters I think.

byeeeee from one ever so slightly skinnier Katisha

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