Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's show time

The Perth show is on this week, I'm not going for a multiple of reasons, the expense, I'm not good with large crowds and it's just not how I remember them. Even if I did go I tend to stick around the "traditional show" aspects, crafts, produce and the animals, especially the dogs, cats and goats.

Even by today's standards I think the quality of a goat has dropped. I speak from experience here. As I child I would attend about 8 local shows a year with out goats. Even back then I stayed clear of the rides and become a shrewed show bag shopper.

My all time favourite part of the show was when I got to parade a goat around for the judges to look at. All us human kids would handle a goad kid, walking it around in circles and lining up when we were told. I got a few ribbons too, but as I got older I stopped receiving them. It wasn't that I was getting worse I was just growing up and not the cutest human kid anymore.

We showed our goats for about 7 years. We did quite well for ourselves, even got Champion Buck in all of Victoria, and made the local rag. (see picture below)

To let you on a little secret, to get you goat whiter than white, wash 'em in White King. You would never see that on the tellly advert would you! "Ladies it gets stains out of your white clothes and your goat". I have kept the ribbons we won. One day I'm going to use them for a fancy dress party. I can just see me now parading around in a sash with "Champion Doe" printed on it.

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Wolfie! said...

Haha, Alaskan Malamutes are often washed in wool wash.

Sometimes I wonder if things really are worse or if we're just jaded. often I think it's the latter. it takes an awful lot to excite me anymore.