Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My View on the drug situation

I know with what I'm about to say may be stepping on some toes, but I feel I have to say something and what better place than my own little soap box on the web.

Background information - At the recent "Big Day Out Event" the police had drug sniffer dogs searching people at the nearby train station for drugs, ensuring punter were clean before they entered the event. A young 17 year old girl panicked at the though she would be caught with her 3 ecstasy tablets, so not wanted to get sprung she downed them all. Needless to say soon after she collapsed and latte passed away in hospital.

Tonight on the telly they were interview her parents, all they could do was blame the first aid people for not rushing their daughter to the hospital and for the police being there with the sniffer dogs. Throughout the interview they were continually telling us that their daughter is a popular child who new the risk of taking drugs, and does not take them. They pretty much quoted that she could still be alive if 1. the police were not checking and 2. the first aid people were better trained.

Yes don't get me wrong it's sad that a young potential life has been lost. But if shes' never takes drugs, why does she have 3 tablets, surly if you are just starting out on your drug experience you would just buy one! More importantly I feel their daughter would still be alive if she hadn't 1. panicked, and 2. had not purchased the things in the first place.

I am sorry but do not blame other people for your mistakes.

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