Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uni starts proper

Damm, I had written this nice piece for the blog, only to loose it. So I'll give you the abridged version.

Parents crappy school education, mum then taught her self. Us 3 kids did not complete high school. At least my oldest brother and I went back to complete year 12 as mature aged students and then go on to better our education. All 3 of us to this day, are still trying to learn new things, from Mum reading books and hinting to get the net at home, my brother is taking evening classes in finance and then there's me going to Uni. Don't get me wrong Dad and my other brother have done things to keep there brains active.

I hope this does not sound that I think that I am better than the rest of my family, because I don't. It's just up to even 3 years ago I thought Uni was academically out of my reach, and now to be here is so like WOW.


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