Thursday, February 12, 2009

There Baaaaack

I have a large Cape Lilac tree in my back yard. Some of you will be shuddering and some of you will be confused. They are a nice tree, that provides a large shady canopy. However they do have a down side, the White Cedar Moth.
I have to admit they are not as bad this year, me thinks the mass eradication I did some years ago has help keep the numbers down. For more info head along to here for more info.

Here is what the hungry buggers look like, you can see them bunched together in their caterpillar form. The green bits is caterpillar poo.

In previous year the infestations were bad, at night time you could stand underneath the tree and hear them munching on the leave. At one point my neighbour even complained to me that the blighters were keeping him awake at night. They could strip the tree bare in under 2 weeks, (we are talking about a large tree here). They would make there way into the house, and bingo some weeks later we had moths to contend with. Fingers crossed I've not seen any in the house this time.

take care


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