Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The passing of a family member

I've just received the news that my mum's dad had passed away on Monday.
Why did I call him "my mum's dad" well you see I never met him, at any stage of my life. So there for I don't know what to call him.
It's all very sad realy, my mum had not spoken to him in years too, and only found out the news from her younger brother, who intern was not told by other siblings, but found out when he turned up to visit his dad.

I'm more concerned for my mum, as due to her 'icky" family she has been so determined to ensure that her children and grandchilden understand how imprornt "being family" is.
She has been able to talk to her siblings, and I spose is feeling the loss of not being conected to them either, except for one brother.

I just thought I would add this post as it's been news.
As I said before, I'm ok, I had no emontional conection to the man whatso ever. Which in its self is sad.

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