Saturday, February 28, 2009

One week down

Hi All

As you suspected I survived my first week at Uni. I have met some nice folk who are doing the same undergrad as me, so that will make my time more enjoyable. In some classes I'm the oldest student, I think even older than the tutor! Which makes it good for answering some of the questions about recent history, I atleast lived through it!

Out of the 4 classes, only 1 has an exam to sit, the rest are assignment bassed assessment, so that is cool by me.

Well I better hit the books again, I need to get my work done, so tonight I can log into Second Life and host my first building game show. I'll let you know how that goes later.

Stay Slinky

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uni starts proper

Damm, I had written this nice piece for the blog, only to loose it. So I'll give you the abridged version.

Parents crappy school education, mum then taught her self. Us 3 kids did not complete high school. At least my oldest brother and I went back to complete year 12 as mature aged students and then go on to better our education. All 3 of us to this day, are still trying to learn new things, from Mum reading books and hinting to get the net at home, my brother is taking evening classes in finance and then there's me going to Uni. Don't get me wrong Dad and my other brother have done things to keep there brains active.

I hope this does not sound that I think that I am better than the rest of my family, because I don't. It's just up to even 3 years ago I thought Uni was academically out of my reach, and now to be here is so like WOW.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2 of Orientation

Well I survived it through the day, just mind you. I think I'm coming down with something. Because, I hardly ate anything during the day (plenty of liquids) and when I got home at 5pm, I fed the boys and went strait to bed. I dozed on and off, till midnight when I just had to get my fix of second life. but I only lasted about 20 minutes, and I went back to bed. I'm going to make an appointment to see the quack (doctor). As I want to get on top of this before classes start on Monday.

I hate being sick when it's just me in the house.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 1

Well I had my first day of orientation. It went well, a bit repetitive as every talk I went to repeated some of the material. But in the end I found out that "they are very helpful, and if I'm having any difficulties I can just see someone" So I suppose that is rather comforting.

They have started up a mentoring program, so I will be assigned a mentor who is currently under taking there second year of Uni. I can use my mentor to answer my questions that I may not want to ask, my tutor or fellow students. It is not compulsory to participate, but I will.

I'm back today, for more talks, tours and physically find my class locations for next week.

Take care

Thursday, February 12, 2009

There Baaaaack

I have a large Cape Lilac tree in my back yard. Some of you will be shuddering and some of you will be confused. They are a nice tree, that provides a large shady canopy. However they do have a down side, the White Cedar Moth.
I have to admit they are not as bad this year, me thinks the mass eradication I did some years ago has help keep the numbers down. For more info head along to here for more info.

Here is what the hungry buggers look like, you can see them bunched together in their caterpillar form. The green bits is caterpillar poo.

In previous year the infestations were bad, at night time you could stand underneath the tree and hear them munching on the leave. At one point my neighbour even complained to me that the blighters were keeping him awake at night. They could strip the tree bare in under 2 weeks, (we are talking about a large tree here). They would make there way into the house, and bingo some weeks later we had moths to contend with. Fingers crossed I've not seen any in the house this time.

take care


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The passing of a family member

I've just received the news that my mum's dad had passed away on Monday.
Why did I call him "my mum's dad" well you see I never met him, at any stage of my life. So there for I don't know what to call him.
It's all very sad realy, my mum had not spoken to him in years too, and only found out the news from her younger brother, who intern was not told by other siblings, but found out when he turned up to visit his dad.

I'm more concerned for my mum, as due to her 'icky" family she has been so determined to ensure that her children and grandchilden understand how imprornt "being family" is.
She has been able to talk to her siblings, and I spose is feeling the loss of not being conected to them either, except for one brother.

I just thought I would add this post as it's been news.
As I said before, I'm ok, I had no emontional conection to the man whatso ever. Which in its self is sad.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

C is for Dalek, that's good enough for me

Well I finally got around to making them!

If you are thinking, "but they don't' look anything like your regulation Dalek" I would just like to inform you that nor do they taste like your regulation Dalek. These are nom nom's

Plus not to bad for a person who has not make biscuits for years or done fancy decorations.

Dig in!

The Cookie Monster

C is for cookie and that's good enough for me. Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My View on the drug situation

I know with what I'm about to say may be stepping on some toes, but I feel I have to say something and what better place than my own little soap box on the web.

Background information - At the recent "Big Day Out Event" the police had drug sniffer dogs searching people at the nearby train station for drugs, ensuring punter were clean before they entered the event. A young 17 year old girl panicked at the though she would be caught with her 3 ecstasy tablets, so not wanted to get sprung she downed them all. Needless to say soon after she collapsed and latte passed away in hospital.

Tonight on the telly they were interview her parents, all they could do was blame the first aid people for not rushing their daughter to the hospital and for the police being there with the sniffer dogs. Throughout the interview they were continually telling us that their daughter is a popular child who new the risk of taking drugs, and does not take them. They pretty much quoted that she could still be alive if 1. the police were not checking and 2. the first aid people were better trained.

Yes don't get me wrong it's sad that a young potential life has been lost. But if shes' never takes drugs, why does she have 3 tablets, surly if you are just starting out on your drug experience you would just buy one! More importantly I feel their daughter would still be alive if she hadn't 1. panicked, and 2. had not purchased the things in the first place.

I am sorry but do not blame other people for your mistakes.

Gets down from her box