Thursday, January 7, 2010

News Update - Abridge version

I have been told that I've been a naughty cat for not updating my blog page. So here goes.....

1. passed all my Uni units (like you knew I would)

2. been bludging from end of uni to the new year

3. My niece turned 18 - I feel so old

4. I'm smitten with a gorgeous guy (nothing new there)

5. Will have some payed work for Jan 2010, doing some archiving for a gold mining company in the city

5.a OMG I have a ABN (because I'm doing contract work)

6. Library placement Prac starts in early Feb

7. Back to Uni in March. only doing 3 units per semester now. YAY!

8. Still in Second Life, my small empire has recently expanded.

9. My furry children are doing well, and so are the finned ones.

10. nothing to say, just needed to round off the list :)

Stay slinky


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