Thursday, January 21, 2010

News from the Kat

Wow 2 posts in one month! Don't get to excited now.

From my last post I have some sad news to report. I lost my 2 figher fish. Loosing one fish was ok, (alass I was not really attatched to him) but the death of Fennic was a bit harder to take. I should of looked after him better. I had him for just over 1 year, now I don't know if that is good for a domesticated fish or not. I spose that is way I feel so bad for not looking after him, because this and many other answers I should know. In honnor of his short life, in SL I got to name a street after him "Phennic Way"  Because the road leads the way to a few places, including my new adventure.  Yes, I've made a virtual pub, complete with virtual beer.

The work I'm doing is going really well, I'm a bit lonley, but I will live. As there is no handy place to buy lunch, I've got into the routine of bringing my luch to work.

That's about it really....oh there is more stuff, but it's just sooo mundain, it's not worth typing about. :)

Stay cool
(I has a new portable air conditioner, so now I can do that)

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