Sunday, August 30, 2009

*waves Hello

Hi Everyone
I kind of had the last week off, well there were no Uni classes to attend. So I stayed home and worked on assignments for most of the time. I gave myself a couple of days off. :) you know all work and no play.

I've been kind of thinking of changing my major and minor over. As the course I'm doing is a bit too heavy on the Library side of things. Plus the thought of delving more into the social side of the Internet is....well....more fun :) Alas perhaps no job prospects, but it sounds kind of neat if I could write for online journals about virtual worlds. (I know people in the industry) so I can assume there is my foot in the door. I just kind of like desktop publishing and web design more. I'm sure those of you who know me, know I'm more of a creative bunny than a logical thinker.

I don't have to make my decision now, but still I may have left it a bit too late. Typical me always rushing into things without thinking. But still becoming a archivist and working around Archives 2.0 would still be neat. Basically Archives 2.0 is digitising and presenting information that people can access over the Internet. So this way peeps can either do research on their family heritage or look at pictures that would normally not be on public display. The thought of finishing the undergrad and getting a job at His Maj Theatre would be most cool

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