Friday, August 21, 2009

All Blogged out

I'm on a roll, my 3rd blog post in under 1/2 hour (the other two are uni related) If you feel so inclined I can give you a link to 'em.

I cannot believe it's the end of week 4 for Uni. The days are just flying by, you think oh that assignment isn't due to Aug 31, I've got plenty of time, now it's OMG that's only 10 days away.
Starting Monday is a study week, so I'll not need to traps into Uni, so lucky me gets to spend that commuting time, staying in front of my computer working on assignments. YAY for me, (please note sarcasm)

I only have one real boring subject this term, the others are covering the Internet and the assignments really ain't that bad. You may not tell from this post (writing style) that I think I'm starting to think differently, a friend said it would change me, but I didn't believe him. errrr so no I do.

Well that's enough of my ramblings, I'm off to do another hour of study, then I'm off to my second life.

take care

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