Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tooth update

Compare - It's the Tooth Show, with your host Vincent the Dentist
Vincent - Well Katisah here are your choices, will it be a general anaesthetic and all 4 wisdom teeth taken out Or a local anaesthetic and only 2 teeth taken out?
Katisha - err, I don't know, can I think about it and get back to you?
Vincent - No, well I could but you would have to come back for another consult.
Katisha - Can I phone a friend?
Vincent - I'm sorry where not that type of game show.
Katisah - Do I really need all the 4 teeth extracted?
Vincent - Your referral said yes, but I think only taking to 2 out will be fine.
Katisha - Can I leave now with all my teeth intact.
Vincent - Well yes you can, but it will be more painfull if they get infected
Katisha - OK I'll take 2 teeth out under a local anaesthetic.
Vincent - Is that your final answer
Katisha - I don't know.
*Katisha signs on dotted line"

So I'm booked in for the June 29. My Melbourne trip will just have to wait.


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