Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm still here

Yes I know I know, I've not been updating this thing.
After living a few weeks of leisure, it’s time to get my
furry little (err well; big and not so furry) butt into gear.
I have two unofficil uni results, marks of 65 & 69,
which is not too shabby. I will not know the third one till mid December.
I’ve now got myself into World of Warcraft :P
I’m still in SL (second life) although like RL (real life)
you sometimes need to escape from it, hence WoW :P I spose.
I’m kind of, sort of, looking for some work to do over the
summer holidays. If the work finds me, even better!
The puddy cats are doing well, on the vets advice, I’m now
using a different brand of flea treatment (more expensive) but it looks like it
is doing the trick. Gah which reminds me, I need to buy some worming tablets
for them. (as it has to be done every three months), I do it at the start of
every season, it is meant to help me remember! 
Honestly, that’s all I can think of to talk about; there is
more than that stuff happening in my life, I just feel blogging it, is not the
way I want to express it, nor do I want to send you to sleep. :P
Stay slinky

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