Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In the last few days I've been saying Y as in why,  a lot. This question has been aimed at my uni undertaking. The novelty has warne off, and I'm feeling less motivated to work hard on assignments. Even the thought of some sping cleaning is temping over writing assignments.

So why, couldn't have I been happy in my old old job, it wasn't that bad, regular hours, a nice income, and some good people. This then leads onto the question, So why did I want out, I was slowly moving up the career ladder, earning my stripes, sure I was becoming frustrated, I spose I knew I had more potential, and needed a challenge. Then I got it, in the form of a new job with a new company. However this placement was to much of a challenge, It felf like I  had joined a sinking ship, and all that I had to keep it afloat was a bucket with a hole in it, but again I met some nice people.Ok so I knew I needed a challenge, I knew I had potential, now I knew I needed more training.

So this is Y, I am going to uni, to show myself that I can do it. So now, nearly half way through the cours, I'm now aksing myself, Y am I at the now the tender age of 40, putting myself through all this. A fellow student said she has a picture of her dream home, that she could purchas once graduated and emplayed. I think I need a similar motivation, someting to look at, that will encourage me to continue on. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

So the last Y question I have for me is, Y am I not working on my assignment that is due in a day or two :)

Being Katisha
Oh if only I could do it again, would I really choose a diffrent path

*Being Erica is a TV show on ABC2 where this woman gets to relive her past, and to make diffrent decision, but I sope like her in the end she makes the same choices, because underneath it all we are who we are. I could go back and stick at my origianl job, but I don't think if would have drematically changed the path I now find myself taking.

I know where I've come from, I just now need to know where I'm going to.

**no time to spell check, so you are getting this in the raw format**

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