Sunday, May 10, 2009

Did they know? I think they did

If you didn't already know, sadly my sis-in-law lost one of her cats in a road accident :(
They buried Smokey in the front yard and place a concrete slap over his grave. Later when my sis-in-law went out to the front yard, she noticed the two other cats sitting on the concrete slab.
I would like to think that they knew Smonkey was under there and that they were paying their respects for there friend. Or they could be just getting the warmth from the slab.

Uni is going ok, just, I've had my moments, the thought of chucking the towel in did cross my mind, or at least only doing 3 units a semester, but the thought of dragging it out even longer is putting me off too.

Back to the books I go

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